About The Kids Are Alright, THE KAA


Social Networking Group for Fashion

Interns, Assistants, Junior Level Execs, Coordinators, Etc at major level fashion and beauty companies unite!

More than any other industry in the world, fashion operates on a who you know basis. Those in the industry like to call it the biggest small business in the world because we are all connected in some way. Most advancements people make in their fashion careers are a direct result of a previously established relationship.

Starting out a career in fashion is one of the hardest things a young person can do. We must be masochists to endure what we do. But we do it because we love it. Among the trials, the biggest hurdle of them all is creating a network of friends and colleagues that will prove to be beneficial in the future. Who do we talk to? How do we create situations for networking without appearing like a total “climber”? How do you expand your network beyond the 3 people in your immediate workspace who are willing to talk to you? The reality is, contacts are made through existing contacts. So where do you start?

The Kids Are Alright is a social networking group that brings together all the entry and junior level fashionistas ofNew York City. Through exciting after work events at awesome venues all overManhattanwe bring together the best and brightest of the business to meet, mingle and plot to take over the world. The KAA is your official entry to your new world.


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