10 Aug

Defiance is indeed an art form. I personally, have always been attracted to a defiant personality. I like the person that does the opposite of whats asked just to see what happens. Unfortunately, a defiant employee can easily become a defiant unemployee. There’s a huge difference between being defiant and be VOCAL. I am all for being vocal, if you don’t have a voice you may as well not show up. Asking your boss if you could attend a sales meeting you weren’t invited to because you’re trying to learn – that’s being vocal. Even if you’re shot down, you’ve made an impression. Showing up to the meeting without being invited, taking a seat and sipping on your mocha frappucino like no one will notice – that’s being defiant. That’s being an asshole. When you start to develop a reputation of any kind, you get a high. It’s like “people know who I am…this is awesome” and then its easy to exaggerate that “persona” till the wheels fall off. But no one likes a defiant asshole. It’s a fine line between being strong-willed and being defiant but it can make all the difference.


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