Its The Little Things

8 Aug


So you’ve got the perfect interview outfit, The Row blazer over an Derek Lam shift dress you scored at a sample sale. You’re punctual – 12 minutes early, early enough to show your level of responsibility but not an over eager half hour. Your resume is a high gloss thing of beauty with every reference short of Jesus. But did you remember the little things…
1. Your smell. I’m sure I don’t have to worry about any of your being funky but I have seen (or smelled) many people make scent errors. Do NOT load up on the perfume/cologne. Remember you only smell your fragrance for about 5 minutes after you put it on…the rest of us can smell you.
2. Pronunciation of Names. One of the most embarrassing faux paus can be the mispronunciation of someones name. There’s nothing like finally scoring an interview with Stefano Tonchi and introducing yourself to Mr. Tanchy.
3. Fluff. Please study your own resume. Tell the truth. If you lied on it, remember your lies. Nothing worse than filling in your history and experience with fluff because you can’t remember what you said in your resume.
4. Did you remember your Colgate Wisp? I never leave the house without them. Just like we can smell your perfume when you cant…we can also smell your breakfast.
5. Bring several copies of your resume…a friend of mine once went in for an interview at Lucky Magazine in the beauty department. The editor said she may not have a position but would love to give a copy of her resume to the fashion department. Well…it was her only copy. Her famous last words “I don’t have another one…can I email her??”. She never got that call from the fashion department. Don’t let that horror story happen to you.

FYI…above mentioned friend is now a very successful assistant editor at an awesome publication. She survived.


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