Where Do We Go From Here???

3 Aug

How do you know if you’re moving too slow? Its such a challenge, especially in our industry to know whether or not you’re on pace or lagging behind. I always tell people to be really sure of their timing before they ask an employer for more money or responsibility. Its so easy to become envious of other people in an office. How much they may be making, how close they are to the superiors, what they get to do as opposed to what you get to do. But the majority of the time things aren’t what they appear to be. When you get caught up in trying to catch up you can burn yourself.  So often I’ve seen assistants get more focused on advancement than their actual job. However there is a flip side. I’ve also seen people so afraid of speaking up that they stay in assistant positions for years and years. I actually know a woman who has been in the same junior role at the same stylist management company for 11 years! So if you really think its time to talk to your boss about your future at the company here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1. Know your facts before you ask your employer for anything! Don’t assume you know what other people are making or what’s being negotiated in their meetings. You may make yourself look really stupid by asking for something no one in the office is getting.

2. NEVER bring up your personal issues as a justification for a raise. There’s nothing an employer cares about less than your landlord raising your rent. Salaries are merit based.

3. Cross your t’s and dot your i’s. The first order when going into a review with your boss is to make sure you’ve covered your ass. Make sure there are no loose ends, unfinished work, mistakes that went unfixed. Trust me if you don’t address these things, your boss will.

4. Come from a gracious place. Always acknowledge why you are working there first. Talk about why you want to work there as opposed to anywhere else.

5. Don’t threaten. Don’t dangle job offers from other companies (real or imaginary) in your bosses face. Remember no matter how amazing you are…there are about 30 other amazing people waiting for your spot to open up.

6. Make sure you have a nice suitcase of achievements before you talk about new responsibility. You should be able to shoot out accomplishments you’ve made at the company with wicked ease. If you’re doing something that several other people at that company can do just as well – you should not be in this meeting.

7. Be clear about what you want. Don’t go into a review just asking for “more”. Know exactly what you’d like to be doing, how much you think you deserve and whatever perks you’d like to negotiate.  

8. Remember that its not all about the money. Be open to negotiating other advancements, a new title, better hours, more vacation days, etc.

9. Don’t be a child. The #1 most annoying thing in a meeting is petty jealousy. The minute you say “its not fair” or “but Amy gets to do it”, your meeting is over.

10. Come to the game to play. Always remember you are not in a sorority, you are at work. Leave all personal stuff behind. Don’t think you’ll get what you want because you go out for cocktails with your boss. This is a business.

In conclusion, know the difference between your job and your goal. Always know your job description and be sure you’re doing that at absolute minimum. Your job at that company is not to build your career – that’s your goal.


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