Who Are “The Kids” and Why Are They Alright

25 Jul

The kids are all the junior level fashion industry players. The interns, the assistants, the coordinators, junior “fill in the blanks”. Read more about what this group is all about here.

How It Works: The plan for this group is to gather the industry’s youngest and brightest at what are sure to be legendary KAA Mixers. The KAA Mixers will be held weekly at some of the city’s best venues that are providing the gang with drink and/or food specials for the night. Once you register for this group here you will be approved and recieve weekly email updates including invites to each upcoming mixer! Once you RSVP and cover the entry fee (never more than $10 bucks) you will be added to the guest list. Once you get there we will check you off and give your customized tag so people can walk right up to you and know your story. Come, drink, be merry and charm the room. Make business connections and friends that can last a lifetime.

The plan for this blog is to be your one stop resource for planning and living your future in this business. Everyday expect something new; Job and Internship postings, Workplace Q&A’s, Fashion advice, Event listings (not just our events), After work venues listings and tons of other thoroughly useful resources.


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